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Phoenix Rising

Burning the walls down. Photo by Leslie Kennah

Lotus Fire. Photo by Leslie Kennah

Welcome to 2013 !  My general sense of this year, is that it will be one of transformation on many levels.  Inner transformation on the personal level and outer transformation on the societal/ humanity level.  I’m feeling the potency in this year to take the walls that have been built-  and burn them down- so that we may rise up out of the ashes, as the great mystical Phoenix portrays, and shine our greatest potentials. View full article »


Breaking the comfort zone

Pushing to the top. Photo by Marnie Recker Photography
(A 5 hour Hike we did after I finished my papers!)

Where has time gone? The whirlwind of Summer in my tiny tourist town has swept through like a tornado leaving behind a trail of exhausted and dazed souls.  I welcome Fall with arms wide open and look forward to slowing down and regaining some equalibrium, getting back on track and finally manifesting some long over due dreams and goals… View full article »

Pura Vida

Pura Vida

It feels like time is progressively speeding up- to the point where my mental and physical bodies can’t seem process fast enough to keep up (I have constantly been thinking the date is earlier than it is- by a week sometimes! And my brain is in a constant state of overload with the amount of happenings going on). Last week, I felt like my head was going to short circuit- this could be attributed to the energy of the Solar eclipse or just a general overload of my nervous system. One of the wonderful things I am reminded of from this seemingly chaotic state, is from my time in Costa Rica and the local way of life – “PURA VIDA”- which simply translated means ‘Pure life’. It’s a hard to define a way of life that one must experience for themselves to fully understand- But I hope you can get a sense of its essence from my expereince…

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